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NEW! Access article I wrote for The Cape Codder (via the Orleans Pond Coalition) on Crystal Lake, featured in the Shadowwater series: http://capecod.wickedlocal.com/article/20150803/NEWS/150809500


DARK SEA(Shadowwater II)

Jacket Synopsis

 A year later, Lili Ribault has become obsessed with all things “osprey”, to the point where her friends worry that she has entered the Spirit World and has become possessed by the sea raptor. But her lover, Cal “Sitting Crow” Green and the Nausequoit tribe will use all their wisdom and power to see that Lili doesn’t cross the line and become lost forever.  Meantime, seemingly idle threats from new visitors could expose the tribe’s secrets and bring an end to the “magic” that is Cape Cod.

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SHADOWWATER, the 1st book in series. Jacket Synopsis

Lili Ribault, a successful writer of supernatural stories, has settled on Cape Cod where she’s found her soulmate, Cal "Sitting Crow" Green. Cal and Lili share a passion for Native American lore and an innate connection to birds.

But there is no escape from the cycle of death. And when Cal's sister, Rachel "Little Fire" Green is found mauled, Lili begins to question what is real. Who or what killed Rachel Green? And why? 

Along the way, Lili and a Boston reporter, Rusty Keenan, become allies in the search for answers. But as Lili and Rusty discover they’re dealing with a mystery both profane and sacred, Lili realizes she must travel a different path. Ignoring Cal’s warnings about interfering with ancient rituals, Lili chooses to walk into the fire, unwittingly jeopardizing her sanity to learn the truth.

Proud author gives her book to one of the greats, Mary Higgins Clark​, at Brewster Bookstore, Cape Cod.

Gracious lady. 

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